Impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If wisdom teeth – or third molars – do not erupt properly, they can cause pain, inflammation, crowding, and a host of other dental issues.

Drs. Alex Wong and Vanessa Lee utilize the latest surgical techniques to remove your wisdom teeth and alleviate these pressing symptoms.

Learn what we can do to make your smile happier and healthier at our Coquitlam, BC, dental practice...

Why Consider Wisdom Tooth Removal at Vitacare Dental Centre?

Alleviation of Symptoms

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause significant discomfort. The gums may become red and there may be visible infection around the area. An extraction that removes the problematic tooth or teeth can alleviate pain and reduce the risk of future complications.

Advanced Dental Technology

Drs. Wong and Lee use the latest and most advanced technologies available. In addition to taking digital X-rays of the teeth, we may also utilize cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to locate sinuses, nerves, and other important landmarks. Combined, these tools lay the foundations for more accurate, comfortable, and ultimately safer treatment

Convenient, Personalized Treatment

At Vitacare Dental Centre, we believe that everyone is unique. That is why each wisdom teeth treatment plan is tailored to the needs of the individual

How Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Work?

Demonstration of wisdom tooth extraction

Schedule a Wisdom Teeth Consultation

If you notice tenderness, swelling, or redness near the back of the jaw, wisdom teeth removal may be an option for you. Thanks to advanced surgical techniques, removing the wisdom teeth is not typically a painful procedure. Furthermore, it reduces the risk for other complications and sets you on the path to improved oral health. 

At Vitacare Dental Centre, our dentists offer a wide range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic procedures. No matter what your dental needs, our experienced and knowledgeable team can develop a tailor-made treatment plan to restore health, function, and aesthetics. To learn more, schedule a visit to our dental office in Coquitlam, BC. Contact us online anytime or give us a call at:

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5-Star Wisdom Tooth Removal Reviews


Dave Wu


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Top notch dental clinic that has given me the best experience to date. After my positive experience with a standard teeth cleaning, I have finally found a dentist I trust enough to have my wisdom teeth done!

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Harprit Rhandhawa


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Great experience! Had my wisdom tooth removed and Doctor Wong did a fantastic job!!

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How Common Is Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Treatment Timeline

Initial Consultation

The first step is a consultation with your dentist. During this visit, your doctor performs a visual assessment and takes x-rays to determine the exact location of the third molars.


The day of your procedure, local anesthesia is administered to numb the affected tooth and surrounding area. Sedation is also available to help you relax and remain comfortable while you are under our care.

Surgical Access

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your dentist creates a small incision in the gum tissue. This allows access to the problematic tooth. In some cases, small portions of bone may need to be removed.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

After access has been made in the gums, the affected tooth is gently extracted. In many cases, your dentist may divide the wisdom tooth up into smaller segments for easier removal. The socket is thoroughly cleaned.

Incision Closure

Once your dentist has removed the affected teeth and cleaned out any infection, the gum tissue is repositioned and the incisions are closed. We typically use absorbable stitches that will fall out on their own.

What should I anticipate after the procedure?

Recovery and Aftercare

Though it takes approximately two weeks to fully heal, most patients can return to normal activities within 48 hours. Here are a few recommendations for a fast and successful recovery:

Control Bleeding

When you leave our office, the surgical sites are packed with gauze. These gauze packs can be removed once you arrive home. Slight oozing is normal for the next couple of days. To keep bleeding under control, place a gauze pack over the extraction site, then close down and apply firm, steady pressure for 15 minutes. Repeat as often as necessary.

Decrease Discomfort

Your dentist will recommend medications as part of your post-operative regimen. This includes taking something to alleviate discomfort. Most patients find that over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, are enough. However, your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers, which should be taken exactly as directed.

Reduce Swelling

To reduce swelling, apply an ice pack to the jaw in 20-minute increments. This can be done every day for the first 24 to 48 hours. In most cases, swelling diminishes within the first two to three days. Any bruising may take a week or longer to fade. Always follow your doctor's specific recommendations.

Soft Food Diet

Immediately following wisdom teeth removal, patients should eat soft foods, such as yogurt, smoothies, eggs, pasta, and ice cream. Gradually, more challenging foods can be incorporated into your diet. Crunchy, hard, chewy, hot, or spicy foods should be avoided until the area is fully healed. Ask our Coquitlam, BC, team for recommendations.

Are There Any Risk Factors?

Generally speaking, wisdom teeth extractions do not cause long-term problems. However, as with any surgeries, this procedure does carry potential risks. Rare complications include:

  • Dry sockets
  • Infection issues
  • Damage to teeth, jawbone, nerves, or sinuses

Choosing a skilled and experienced dentist, like Dr. Wong or Dr. Lee, can drastically reduce the risk of complications. They both use modern techniques and the latest technologies.

"Thanks for Such a Good Experience"


Victoria Chan


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Just had my crown done at Vitacare Dental Centre. Dr. Vanessa Lee and Ellie are very professional , gentle and care . This is the best dental experience for me.

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Minj Yoo


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Just went to Vitacare for the very first time today. Had a checkup and filling done with Dr. Lee. 
She is by far the best dentist I've had so far! 

Thanks for such a good experience :)

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