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Teeth compromised by wear, chips, and minor misalignment can be embarrassing and make you feel self-conscious about sharing your smile.

Veneers from Vitacare Dental Centre in Coquitlam, BC, can conceal cosmetic flaws, giving your smile symmetry and a healthy appearance.

So what makes porcelain veneers such an effective cosmetic treatment?

Take a Look at How Veneers Fit into Your Smile

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Veneers are thin, helping them to sit flush with nearby teeth and blend into your smile.

How Do I Know If I'm a Good Candidate for Veneers?

It is important to keep in mind that dental veneers require permanent alteration to the structure of any treated tooth. Any tooth treated with a porcelain veneer will require some kind of restoration moving forward. For the right candidates, minimal-prep veneers are a reversible alternative.

Enough Enamel

Tooth enamel must be removed for your dental veneers to achieve a natural appearance. That means that patients interested in veneers must still have a sufficient amount of enamel already so that some can still be removed safely.

No Grinding

If you grind your teeth, it can damage veneers and undermine the results of your treatment. For mild to moderate cases of bruxism, an oral appliance can protect your veneers, but more extreme cases may require resolving the underlying issue before moving forward.

Minor Misalignment

Veneers are a flexible cosmetic dentistry treatment that can conceal small gaps and minor misalignments much faster than traditional orthodontic options for patients on a tight timetable. However, severely crooked teeth or larger gaps are oftentimes better treated with orthodontics, like Invisalign®

Good Oral Health

Patients must have good oral health before receiving dental veneers and other cosmetic treatments. Ongoing oral issues can drastically reduce the lifespan of your veneers and undo the various benefits they provide. We can always place veneers once you have recovered from other essential treatments.

Previewing Veneer Results What Will My Smile Look Like?


At Vitacare Dental Centre, we want patients to know what their results will look like before they get porcelain veneers. We put a lot of effort into pre-visualizing treatment, including photos, mock wax-ups, and 3D modeling. This helps patients make informed decisions about their cosmetic dentistry options, which leads to realistic expectations and higher rates of satisfaction.

Transform the Appearance of Your Smile at Vitacare Dental Centre

Our Coquitlam, BC, dentists, Drs. Alex Wong and Vanessa Lee, can provide you with a luminescent smile with the help of porcelain veneers. The team at our modern dentistry practice will work with you to achieve the results you are after. During an appointment to determine your candidacy for dental veneers, our dentists can discuss the various treatment options available that will work within your budget to help you reach your goals.

To schedule an appointment with our Coquitlam, BC, dental team, contact us online or call:

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The office is clean and everyone is super friendly — Dr.Wong addressed all my concerns and explained everything very thoroughly. The admin team is also wonderful, they made the entire process from start to finish super smooth :-)

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I highly recommend Vitacare Dental. It is a modern and clean office with kind and professional staff. Both Drs. Lee and Wong are thorough and attentive.

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Experience the Benefits of a New Smile

Enhanced Appearance

Veneers are designed to conceal cosmetic imperfections, enhancing the overall appearance of your smile. 

Boosted Self-Confidence

Patients often report experiencing a boost in self-confidence after veneer treatment, thanks to their new smiles. 

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We understand that the price of cosmetic dentistry can be a limiting factor for many patients. During your consultation at our Coquitlam, BC, office, Dr. Wong and Dr. Lee will discuss the pros and cons of different veneer materials and help you find the best solution within your budget. We work collaboratively with patients to achieve their cosmetic goals.

Schedule a Consultation Learn More About Dental Veneers

Just one or two thin porcelain shells could give you the smile you've always wanted. Drs. Wong and Lee are here to answer your questions and discuss comparable cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as teeth whitening and bonding. If you live near Coquitlam, BC, and would like to learn more about veneers, we encourage you to contact Vitacare Dental Centre online or call us at:

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Great staff with compassion and care.
Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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Always great friendly staff and very welcoming and makes me feel like a spa day for my teeth. Thank you!

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The Dental Veneer Procedure

Just one or two thin porcelain shells could give you the smile you've always wanted.
Just one or two thin porcelain shells could give you the smile you've always wanted.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, you'll undergo a thorough exam. After assessing your teeth and aesthetic flaws, we'll go over the risks and benefits of the veneer procedure. Through this interaction, we will find the most efficient way of accomplishing your cosmetic goals while saving you time and money.

Prepping Your Teeth

The next step in the veneer procedure is prepping the affected tooth or teeth. This means removing just a little tooth enamel, which allows the thin porcelain shell to slide over the front of the tooth seamlessly.

Taking Impressions

With a thin layer of enamel removed, we can then take digital scans and/or traditional impressions of the prepped tooth. This is sent to an off-site lab where a technician will create the ultra-thin, color-matched shell. The dental lab takes about one to two weeks to finish crafting a custom porcelain restoration.

Temporary Veneers

Temporary veneers are worn over the prepped tooth while awaiting the final restoration. Patients should avoid eating hard, crunchy, and sticky foods while temporary veneers are in place.

Placing the Finished Porcelain Veneer

After about two weeks, patients will return to our dental office for the finished restoration. The temporary veneers are removed, and any minor adjustments are made before the wafer-thin restoration is securely cemented in place.

Your Resource on Veneer Treatments   Reach Out to Us With Your Questions and Concerns

At Vitacare Dental Centre, we provide as much information to our patients as possible so they can make an informed decision about their dental treatments. Our dentists can help you find the right treatment for your dental needs. We are happy to answer your questions about veneers and our other services. 

You can speak with our dentists during a consultation, submit your questions to our office via form, or call: 


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Your Comfort Matters to Us Sedation Dentistry Options


While getting porcelain veneers is painless, patients may have issues with anxiety while undergoing dental work. A bad experience with a past dentist can lead to anxiety with other dentists later on. This is why our practice offers sedation dentistry to the Coquitlam community. Carefully supervised sedation will help you remain totally relaxed throughout the dental veneer procedure.

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Vitacare Dental Care has the best supporting staff.  Always kind, professional and patient. In my honest opinion the best dental office I've been too to this day - I wouldn't head anywhere else and would highly recommend going here.

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Very professional. Office is very clean and elegantly decorated. Netflix to watch while in the dental chair.

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Ready to Start Your Smile Journey? Contact us today to request a consultation

A beautiful smile is just as important as a healthy smile. Our Coquitlam dental practice is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our state-of-the-art dental technology helps patients visualize the results of various treatment options, to help you make the best decision regarding your dentistry treatments. 

Dreaming of a Hollywood smile? Our dentists offer smile makeovers, which combine multiple cosmetic dentistry treatments like gum contouring, veneers, and dental crowns to completely transform your smile. 

Whether you're seeking to address a single tooth or your whole smile, get started on your journey by filling out our online form or by calling our practice in Coquitlam, BC, today. 

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Hear From Another Satisfied Coquitlam Patient

"This dental clinic is the best! The receptionists are very welcoming and friendly, and Dr. Wong went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and reassured that everything was going to be okay. Highly recommend this dental office to everyone!!" Emma Dinsdale, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions  About Veneers From Patients in the Coquitlam, BC, Area 

How much do veneers cost?

The cost of veneers can range from $900-$2,500, but this price will vary depending on a number of circumstances such as the materials and number of veneers. For a more accurate prediction of your costs, you can receive a customized quote during a cosmetic dentistry consultation with our dentists.

Can you get a full set of veneers?

Yes, but a full set of veneers is not the same as covering a full set of teeth. Since veneers are cosmetic in nature, we only place them on your front (anterior) teeth. Molars and other posterior teeth will not benefit from veneers, and other treatments like crowns and orthodontics are more suited for fixing issues in the back row.  

Do veneers stay white?

While veneers can be made of stain-resistant materials like porcelain, they are still susceptible to becoming discolored over time. Patients should practice good hygiene habits and brush twice a day to keep their veneers as white as possible. Avoiding dark drinks like coffee and other staining foods can also prolong the bright shade of your new veneers.

Are veneers permanent? 

Yes and no. The veneer treatment is permanent because you can't restore enamel once it is removed to place veneers. Even though the shells placed over the top of your teeth can last up to 25 years or more, they are not permanent. Your veneers will wear down over time and need to be replaced at some point. 

Does veneer placement hurt?

No. Veneers are a practically painless dentistry treatment. Only a small amount of enamel is removed, and most patients do not experience any discomfort. If you have sensitive teeth, we can use a local anesthetic or sedation options to ensure you are completely comfortable during treatment.

I have some oral health issues that must be addressed before veneer placement. Can you help?

Yes! Our Coquitlam dental practice offers a wide range of general and restorative treatment options like root canals, full mouth reconstruction, and more to help you achieve optimal oral health to qualify for dental veneers. 

Restorative Options Available

While we want all of our patients to achieve the beautiful smile they have always dreamed of, some are not initially good candidates for cosmetic dentistry treatments. Issues like tooth decay and gum disease can impact your oral health and function. These issues can be addressed with restorative dentistry treatments.

Oftentimes, these treatments not only improve your oral health and function, but also improve the appearance of your smile, too. In some cases, we can also combine cosmetic and restorative treatments to help you achieve your goals for a smile that's both beautiful and healthy.

Alternative Treatments

Dental Bonding

Bonding is a reversible procedure that can fix minor flaws like cracks and discoloration. However, bonding typically does not last as long as veneers, and it does not look as lifelike.  

More About Dental Bonding

Dental Crowns

Porcelain crowns cover a tooth to fix extensive damage and decay. While crowns can fix several cosmetic issues, they preserve less of your natural tooth compared to veneers.

Learn About Dental Crowns


Invisalign® trays can correct minor to moderate misalignment in your teeth, but they do not fix chips, cracks, or discoloration as veneers do. 

Explore Invisalign

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can remove surface stains to brighten your teeth. However, teeth whitening does not work on stains inside a tooth. Veneers can hide this type of discoloration. 

Ask Us About Teeth Whitening

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